Michaela + Adam | Rocky Mountain Engagement

Adam + Michaela’s Rocky Mountain engagement was so laid back and amazing! I think mostly because they’re so laid back and amazing 🙂

I first met Michaela and her mom, Brenda, at a small bridal show at The Falls Event Center a whole year and nine months before Michaela’s wedding! She is the epitome of a planner, and I loved that! As I’ve gotten older, being a planner and having things in my calendar is a MUST. Michaela and Brenda were genuinely sweet when it came to booking. They loved our style, our story, and our simplicity.

Fast forward to Michaela & Adam’s rocky mountain engagement session – it was sooo greeeen everywhere! It was the epitome of a summery, Colorado day. A shower had just rolled through Georgetown and Guanella Pass, which made all the colors POP. And I loooove when those colors pop! My go-to plan for our Guanella Pass sessions are meeting up with our couples in the downtown Georgetown. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it! It’s such a quaint, and cute mountain town. Like many mountain towns, it has so much history. Not to mention adorable shops, and the scenery, obvs!

After we all hopped in one car

We made our way up Guanella Pass! It’s this windy, swervey road that holds some incredible views. And before you know it, you are overlooking Georgetown! Because Michael & Adam chose summer (early July), we were able to trek quite far up the Pass. In the winter months, you can only go so far due to snow. We frolicked around tall, green grass. They snuggled in and planed Eskimos kisses on each other with the bluest of skies behind them. It was pretty freakin’ rad! I learned how much they love to do cross-fit and stay healthy together. They’ve been saving up for a house after the wedding. They love to camp, hike, and fish – true Coloradans 😉

As we made our way back down to Georgetown Lake for the last bit of our session, I think my favorite part was when Adam hesitantly asked if he could actually do some fishing… He had brought all of his gear, and I said – “Um… absolutely!!”. When our clients are in their natural state, those always turn out to be some of my favorites. They were comfortable and fun in front of the camera, which makes me even more excited for their wedding day in September at The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park!

Michael is obsessed with Nitro Cold Brew. It's not perfect unless it has a 1/2 an inch of sweet cream.

Casey is 1/4 Native American, so basically a modern day Pocahontas.

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