Your wedding is a day to SAVOR

All the deep belly laughs and teary-eyed toasts

Each “whoa, we just did this!” grin.

Every. Single. Moment.
We want you to savor it all!
We’re so psyched to be there with you to document your day with vibrant photos and cinematic video.

We’re Casey + Michael

Your Colorado wedding videographer and photographer

We hear you wondering … what’s it like working with a married couple? The short answer: ah-MAY-zing!

Working together, we make your day easy and cohesive thanks to a well-honed shorthand that comes from being married, parents, and business partners. (We know, we literally do every aspect of life together. And that’s how we like it!) Working together means more than just being able to jokingly shout “get out of my shot!” without worrying about hurt feelings … though that’s definitely a perk. We’ve been doing this for nearly a decade now, so we know how to move around each other and have built skills that complement. The level of trust we share with each other and extend to you is simply baked into who we are.

Whether you’re choosing video, photo, or (our favorite) both, we take pride in working together for you.

Photo & Video Weddings

You found the Jim to your Pam

the Leslie to your Ben

There is nothing better than building a life with your person
Now comes the fun part—planning your celebration. Fun … and okay, a little overwhelming. Wedding planning can feel intense, but we’re here to help! As your videographer and photographer, we do so much more than just create photos + videos.

  • Planning advice
  • Detailed questionnaires
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Thoughtful collaboration + communication
  • Customized timelines
  • Good connections with local planners, venues + vendors
  • Goofy jokes and Office quotes

From day one through delivering your finely edited photos and videos, you can trust us to be a reliable resource on your wedding squad. Your job is to revel in all those “holy crap, we just got married!” feels and celebrate the best dang day of your life surrounded by family and friends

It all comes down to taking care

This isn’t just a transaction between you and us. We’re working with you to guide you toward a gorgeous, unforgettable day that you savor.

Relive the emotion and joy of your wedding day with vibrant, cinematic videography and photography

We love couples who love each other

Obviously. But hear us out.

We mean couples who, when we prompt them to go in for a kiss, they linger. They celebrate each moment as it is without feeling frantic about what comes next.

Is that you? Then you’re our kind of couple. And we hope we’re your kind of couple.
When we work with you, we put a big emphasis not just on the (stunning, vibrant, emotional) video and photos, but also your needs. That means instead of feeling the pressure to rush through the day’s events in service of “getting the shot,” we want to help guide you toward a true celebration where the photos and video happen naturally.

We think you’ll be able to easily see the difference in this approach in every single frame of video and each thoughtful image.

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