Here’s To Documenting The Good Stuff

Casey is your photographer at Sun Prairie Films, and here’s the big thing she wants you to know

She's Got You

Planning stage?

Yup. She’s there, working closely with you or your team to create customized, realistic (read: not jam-packed) timelines and listen to what you want. Prep work helps ease the stress and guarantees that you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Wedding day?

Of course. She’s got a knack for keeping the mood relaxed with some well-timed dad jokes or “That’s what she said,” and is your expert guide to finding natural poses. Plus, she’s a big believer in ensuring family portraits are a sweet moment, not a chore. The result is a seamless mix of candids and portraits.


Can’t wait. We love engagement and family photography! (Give us all your sweet babies!) And bonus—because of the care we put into building a trusting relationship, we often get to see couples over and over for these big milestones.

Photo delivery? Yes, ma’am. Casey edits each image with skill and attention to create photography full of warmth, love, and emotion. These aren’t just pictures, but tangible memories.

Could this BE any more perfect?

(Did you just say that in your best Chandler Bing voice? Yeah, we’re gonna get along great.)


Let’s get to know each other with a socially distanced coffee/wine/sushi/donut date.

" Love is not a strong enough word to explain how we feel about Casey and her work! Casey knows just how to capture not only the big moments, but the little glances as well, without you even knowing she's there!" - Angel + Clint

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