We’re The Best We’ve Ever Been

We know, that’s a Major Statement. But over the last decade, we’ve poured our heart into building this business into what it is today—videography and photography that is focused on you. We are constantly working to hone our skills and continually invest in the best equipment (like wireless lapel audio equipment to crisply capture your father’s toast and top-of-the-line lenses to document every emotion).

We didn’t start this business as a hobby or because it’s cool—though, to be clear, we think our work is very, very cool. This is our chosen career, and we take it seriously. And seriously have fun while we’re at it.
So, yeah, we’re proud to say we’re the best we’ve ever been.


But tomorrow—when we’re working with you—we can confidently say we’ll be even better.

Wow, sold. You’re awesome and your work is beautiful.

Some Deets

Things we love: Our kids. The Office. Family movie nights. Going on walks. Parks & Rec. Mom???? Eating out. Our cozy little house.

Our kitties. Road trips.

"We were recommended by a family friend to use them and I am beyond happy we did! I would recommend this husband and wife team for both wedding photography and videography… you will not be disappointed! We could not be more thankful for the turnout of the full video, highlight video, and photos. Overall, 5 out of 5 stars, no doubt! - Athena + Ryan"

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All That To Say … We’re The Millers









And we love what we do!

We love it even more that we get to do this together. Family is so important to us, and we consider this a family business. Not that seven-year-old Archie is taking time off elementary school to work as a second shooter (not yet!) but we love that our business allows us the flexibility to flourish as a family.

We met in high school on the set of Anything Goes, and it was kind of prophetic. We got married on that same stage seven years later, moved out of state, and eventually found our heart in videography and photography. In 2014, we felt the pull to move back home and have settled back in Colorado.

We welcomed Archie in 2015 (that’s right, Prince Harry, we got there first), Eddie in 2019, and Walter completed our family in the summer of 2021 (hey there, Covid baby!).


Casey is here for the jokes. And the great photography, but also the jokes.

She’s the one you’ll talk to most in the lead-up to your day and the one you’ll hear saying YASSS! on the reg during your wedding day.

Casey grew up on acres of land in Brighton, surrounded by animals. Today, you can still find her seeking out the closest available critter to give a cuddle or heading out on adventures with her boys. She’s a native Coloradan … and also a member of the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, so she gets a laugh out of all those bumper stickers (you know the ones).

Michael says: My favorite thing about working with Casey is the opportunity to work with someone I know and love.

Meet Michael

Michael is the videographer of the duo and is a pro at logistics and getting the work done with focus and care. (He loves the editing side of video production.)

He’s definitely the more reserved one and tends toward being analytical. But Casey brings out his jokey side!

Michael moved to Colorado as a teen and, as the only boy growing up with six (six!) sisters, loves raising his three boys in this awesome state. When he puts the video equipment down, you can find him with a Nitro Cold Brew in hand and some screamo blaring in his AirPods.

Casey says: Michael makes me laugh every single day. Our senses of humor just CLICK and let me tell you, being able to laugh when you’re parenting three young kids is important.

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The Millers are a Denver based wedding videographer + photographer serving all around Colorado and beyond.