Engagement Session Guide | All the In’s & Out’s

You’re getting married! Yaaaaasssss!! Here you can find an all inclusive engagement session guide. It will help you and your significant other best prepare to get photographed by yours truly!

First things first…

Let’s talk season! We encourage our couples to explore a different season than what they’re getting married in. Simply because it gives you more variety in the products you receive from us. If you’re getting married in the summer with all the greenery in the world, why not get some wintery, snowy photos? We can have a snowball fight! If you’re tying the know in the fall, perhaps a beautiful spring session in order! It certainly doesn’t have to be the polar opposites in the seasons. And we, of course, know that Colorado has a bevy of locations where you can still get snow in May or June! Colorado is our oyster. So once you figure out season, we’ll get something on the books!

On to clothes!

This section is most daunting for couples, but it surely doesn’t have to be! Below are some helpful tips & tricks in the clothing and outfit department:

  • Solid colors in neutral and darker tones photograph best. Think browns, tans, burgundy, olive green, burnt orange, mustard yellow, mauve, etc.
  • Avoid logos, neon colors, busy print patterns such as tied-eyes, checkered patters, etc. Unless it’s something completely you and helps convey the mood, keep it simple!
  • Think about the season and environment we’ll be in. Think about colors that will compliment the setting you chose!
  • Above all else – wear what you’re comfortable in! These are all suggestions! If bold colors are your thing, we’ll rock it – don’t worry! You know your bodies and personalities best. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, that will reflect in the photos.
  • I recommend 2 solid outfit choices. Feel free to incorporate more, just know the more we do, the more it may eat into our shooting time.
  • Don’t forget about footwear! Remember the season and environment you’ll be in!
  • Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration!

The last few details. Hang in there!

Timing: We prefer shooting in the morning or late afternoon – think sunrise or sunset. Oh yeeeaaahhhh! It provides that beautiful golden light that every photographer strives for. We will fine tune starting times once season and location are determined.

Session length: Your engagement session will be 1.5-2 hours in total. I know, I know, that sounds like a lot of time, but it accounts for delays, walking around, changing outfits, talking, guiding, etc. If you’d like to adjust that timing at all, let us know!

Delivery: We will deliver a minimum of 50 images in a private online gallery. We say minimum of 50, because you’ll most likely get more 🙂 We’ll have your photos done within 1-2 week’s of your engagement session date.

As always, please feel free to bounce ideas off of us! Do you have some props you’d like to incorporate? Sweet! Let’s do it! Do you want to incorporate your dogs/animals?! YES PLEASE!!! I am allll for personalizing your engagement session to suit you and yours. After all, it is about you! This is just an engagement session guide. Never be afraid to ask questions. Ever.

Okay, that’s it for now! I cannot wait to photograph your engagement session!

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