Colorado Wedding Videography | 2019 Highlight Reel

2019 was such an amazing year to be in Colorado wedding videography and photography. We documented our biggest year yet – 70 weddings! SEVENTY WEDDINGS FOLKS! Now, let me clarify. They aren’t all clumped together in the prime wedding season months. We’re counting from January 1st to December 31st. Plus, we count our photo & video days as 2 weddings (even though we’re at the same wedding) because we each have our own separate project from the day. And I surely don’t mean to boast or come off haughty, I am just genuinely proud of our little business.

2019 wasn’t just a big business year for Colorado wedding videography and photography. Arguably, it was one of the biggest in our personal lives as well. We found out we were going have another little boy – yay! After learning such wonderful news, we decided to sell our big, beautiful house and down-size to pay off all of our debt. Because it definitely makes sense to get a smaller house when your family is growing, I know 😉 Perhaps a little counterintuitive to most, but we took our gazelle-like intensity from Dave Ramsey pretty serious, haha. Also, and this may seem small, but the absolute best and most amazing in-home daycare provider moved away; Alicia of Treasured Little Ones Daycare went from 60 seconds away to 60 minutes away. Again, I know it seems trivial, but she provided such service and care to our kid, and I’m only sad because Tedmund won’t be able to see her too! Of course, lots of the small yet big changes peppered in between.

In between the last 12 months

we had the privilege of filming and/or photographing 50+ individual couples. People from around the beautiful state of Colorado. Couples from around the country. Couples who aren’t just going through the motions of a ‘wedding day’, but ones who are deeply and beyond doubt in love. And as usual, we had the amazing opportunity of traveling this stunning state. We got to see nooks and crannies we hadn’t before. We got to meet and befriend so many amazing humans. And believe me, we are all the richer for it.

Cheers to 2019, and here’s to 2020!!

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